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Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation
The Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation supports nonprofit organizations that serve vulnerable children in the United States and around the world. The Foundation provides grants to organizations that offer direct aid to children in need, including those who are ill, orphaned, disabled, injured, abused, or malnourished as well as children who have limited access to education. Most grants are one-time awards in the range of $1,000 to $15,000. Grants can support charities outside of the United States; however, non-U.S. charities must partner with U.S.-based organizations.

Letters of inquiry are accepted throughout the year.

Ben & Jerry's Foundation
Ben & Jerry's Foundation provides support to nonprofit, grassroots organizations throughout the United States that facilitate progressive social change. Grant applicants need to demonstrate that their projects will lead to societal, institutional, and/or environmental change; address the root causes of social or environmental problems; and lead to new ways of thinking and acting. Projects must facilitate leadership development and strengthen the self-empowerment efforts of those who have traditionally been disenfranchised in our society. The Foundation does not make grants to support basic or direct social service programs.

Letters of inquiry may be submitted at any time.

JPMorgan Chase
In the past, JPMorgan Chase has given more than $100 million through grants and sponsorships to thousands of not-for-profit organizations around the world. The company's three areas of interest are: community development -- encourage, sustain, and develop economic self-reliance; education -- give young people the educational opportunities to help them succeed in life; and arts and culture -- enrich communities with sponsorships and events that foster creativity and self-expression. The grant-application process begins with the submission of a simple-to-use online questionnaire.

Deadline: Ongoing.

Microsoft Software Grants
All nonprofit or nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) that hold charitable status are eligible to participate in this program. Eligible organizations operate on a not-for-profit basis and have a mission to benefit the local community that could include, but is not limited to, the following.
� Providing relief to the poor
� Advancing education
� Improving social welfare
� Preserving culture
� Preserving or restoring the environment

Deadline: Ongoing
Microsoft Software Grants

Draper Richards Foundation
The Draper Richards Foundation provides selected social entrepreneurs with funding to start new nonprofit organizations through the Draper Richards Fellowships. Up to six fellowships are awarded annually for projects which demonstrate innovative ways to solve existing social problems. Funded projects, which must have national or global reach, can address a variety of public service areas. Experienced, dedicated social entrepreneurs with a developed idea for a nonprofit organization in the United States are eligible to apply for up to $100,000 annually for three years.

Brief proposals are accepted throughout the year.

Hearst Foundation
The Hearst Foundations support well-established nonprofit organizations that address important issues within our major areas of interests - education, health, culture, and social service - and that primarily serve large demographic and/or geographic constituencies. Within these areas, the Foundations generally provide endowment, program, and capital grant support. Private nonprofits with significant support from the philanthropic community are favored over those financed through government sources.

Ongoing deadline.

Guitar Center Music Foundation
The Guitar Center Music Foundation accepts electronic grant applications throughout the year from 501c3 or governmental organizations. Qualifying applicants are established, ongoing and sustainable music programs in the United States, which provide music instruction for people of any age who would not otherwise have the opportunity to make music. The intent of the program must be music instruction, not music appreciation or entertainment, and the participants/students cannot be professional or career musicians.

Deadline: Ongoing.
Application and information:

Toyota USA Foundation
The Toyota USA Foundation is committed to improving the quality of K-12 education throughout the country by supporting innovative programs that improve the teaching and learning of mathematics and science. The Foundation places priority on systemic math and science programs that are broad in scope and incorporate interdisciplinary curricula, "real-world" classroom applications, and high student expectations; creative and innovative programs which develop the potential of students and/or teachers; and cost-effective programs that possess a high potential for success and relatively low duplication of effort. Grants are made to colleges and universities, vocational and trade schools and nonprofit organizations engaged in pre-collegiate math and/or science education. K-12 public and private schools are not eligible to apply.

Requests may be submitted at any time.

Ben & Jerry's Foundation
Ben & Jerry's Foundation provides support to nonprofit, grassroots organizations throughout the United States that facilitate progressive social change by addressing the underlying conditions of societal and environmental problems. The Foundation doesn't prioritize any particular issue area for funding; the focus is on the types of activities and strategies an organization uses for creating social change in any number of areas. Grant applicants need to demonstrate that their projects will lead to societal, institutional, and/or environmental change; will address the root causes of social or environmental problems; and will lead to new ways of thinking and acting.

Requests are accepted throughout the year.

Singing for Change (SFC) Charitable Foundation
Singing for Change offers competitive grants to progressive, community-based, nonprofit organizations that address the root causes of social and environmental problems. SFC areas of interest include: Children and families; The environment & Disenfranchised groups. Grants range in size from $500 to $10,000 and are made on an annual basis.

Application Deadline: Proposals are by invitation only. If you think your project fits the foundation's guidelines, please submit a one-page letter of interest describing your organization and your project.

State Farm Companies Grants Program
The State Farm Companies Grants Program is committed to meeting the needs of company communities in the U.S. and Canada. Support is provided to nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and government agencies working in the areas of safety, community development, and education The Safe Neighbors category focuses on roadway safety, protecting homes, disaster preparedness, and personal financial security. The Strong Neighborhoods category focuses on affordable housing, homeownership, and sustainable communities. The K-12 Public Schools category focuses on teacher quality, service learning programs, and educational reform.

Grant requests are accepted at any time.

Barnes & Noble
Barnes & Noble considers requests for local and regional support from non-profit organizations in the communities they serve. Since funding is limited, they do not contribute to grant or scholarship programs, religious organizations, sports teams or events, political organizations, or medical and health-related causes. However, they support organizations that focus on literacy, the arts or education (K - 12). Barnes & Noble assess the merit of each request on an individual basis.

Ongoing deadline.

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